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In 2019, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store is 2.6 million, and Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 1.8 million available apps. Almost 4.1 billion Internet users using the internet on earth now. Our daily life is extremely related to these statistics. Every day we use native apps through Android and iOS device, Progressive web apps through e-commerce sites, and many more.

In recent time there’s been a lot of enthusiasm about Native Apps vs. Progressive web apps vs. Hybrid Apps. Here, the progressive web app is one step ahead over native…

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Now a day’s web technology advancing continuously and gradually. It is quite difficult to focus on a single platform for the developers to work with, due to the massive options of the framework. However, only a few numbers of frameworks prove themselves as a handful and developer friendly option to choose. React is not only one of them, but also becoming a powerful front-end applications platform gradually.

According to the website, React arrives at the first position for the last two year in the most demanding JavaScript developer’s trend. …

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Today, there are two principal ways of building websites: as multi-page applications (MPAs) or as single-page applications (SPAs). Majority of the web application is still made upon MPA. Although, SPA considered being a modern solution for a web application in many use cases building an MPA is a simply better option. In fact, many of the web’s most popular websites like Amazon, eBay have opted to remain as MPAs. On the other hand, SPA contains a website like Facebook, Google, and Apple, etc.

So, how can you decide which option is best for your project or your business? When deciding…

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Web applications are unwittingly replacing the old desktop applications. They are giving too much to the users as they are easy to update, no device bounded issues, and most importantly they are more user-friendly. Users can easily move from browser-based web applications through their mobile phone also.

In the near past, the web browser was much less capable than today. Every page was coming from a server. After upgrading the JavaScript performance, numerous solutions have been discovered by the developers. Now, that solution provides two main design patterns for a web app:

• Multi-page application (MPA)
• Single-page application (SPA)

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Nowadays, technologies are spreading out so rapidly. When it comes to web development, frameworks have been turned into a fundamental piece of web improvement as the technology, and its standard is rising.

Every year there’s been a mass survey being performed by Stack Overflow to bring upon the current state of the IT industry. In 2018, over 100,000 developers shared their view. Among the most popular libraries and frameworks, JavaScript-based tools occupy the first three places.

Now a day’s, speed, time and security plays the major role in building a website, however these things become a concerning issue due to the user satisfaction and privacy. You will not be pleased if you find your information being hacked due to poor maintenance, will you? I got your answer, it’s definitely a damn big NO!!

In this current era, you really don’t have to worry about building websites with that traditional and boring “Coding” methods. I know you are well known by this time regarding the most popular “Drag and Drop” approaches to build websites.

Keeping Security as…

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